Engraved Plaques

For Installing on the Fundraising Trees

Acorn Plaque

 This plaque has been designed specifically for the Finch Tree fundraising trees and is available in brass, copper and stainless steel.

acorn leaf brass plaque
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These plaques are designed to fit any* of our fundraising donor trees and are completely interchangeable. 

* Excludes Espalier Fruit Tree, which uses the Apple & Pear plaques.

• Solid brass, copper or stainless steel plaque
• 60x60 x 1mm thick
• Deep engraved
• Paint filled text in black or white

Please email or phone if you have any questions.

Volume Orders

FAST and convenient engraving service to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently
• We retain your stock and engrave as and when required.
• FREE Postage.
• No limits- we engrave them one at a time, or in multiples until they run out.
• You can have different designs and colours and choose which to have as you go along.
• Re-order when you run out.

Please contact us to set up an account.

Engraving Guidelines

engraving character count

Notes For Engraving

• Refer to image for character count.
• Include spaces in your count.
• 3mm engraving font similar to Arial, which is clear & easy to read.
• Black or white paint infill.
• We are very flexible with engraving and will always try to achieve the result you want.

Please email your text if you would like to see a preview of your plaque before you buy.

Black or White Text

Black text is great for indoors and is easy to read on a polished copper or brass plaque. If the plaque is to be left outside and never polished, then a white infill provides excellent contrast.

NOTE: Black should always be used on stainless steel plaques.