About Us

copper fundraising trees
Gary Pickles & Bronwen Glazzard

Gary and Bronwen have been producing copper artwork since 1996 and love the versatility of this material. Perfectly suited to outdoor use, it was the natural choice for a range of water features. They were one of only two businesses producing copper fountains in the UK at the time.

A brief history

1996 - Designer maker Gary Pickles and Artist Bronwen Glazzard are no strangers to working together. They've had great success creating things of beauty for the home and garden for many years. Originally the partnership was known as Glazed Expressions and they made wooden furniture with ornate stained glass panels, jewellery and copper art.

2008 - The business name changes to Metallic Garden. As the business begins concentrating on producing products for outdoor spaces, the name is changed to something that better reflects this new direction. Specialising in copper fountains, but also in anything else both decorative and functional for the garden.

2014 - Now their skill and knowledge come together to form another new business called Finch Tree. They now put their efforts into the design and manufacture of copper fundraising trees, wall sculpture and commemorative wall plaques. From Bronwen's original artwork, Gary uses his skill to complete the piece. A perfect blend of function and form.

2017 - Finch Tree and Metallic Garden now join forces. The two businesses amalgamate to form one single partnership business, under the familiar Metallic Garden name.

2020 - Finch Tree becomes the brand name of the fundraising, commemorative and memorial products, designed and produced by the partnership and manufactured in the UK by Metallic Garden ™

2023 - Finch Tree becomes an independant business once more, specialising in producing fundraising trees and plaques. 

Metallic Garden will continue to focus on the design and production of handmade copper fountains.