Fundraising Trees

Copper & Stainless Steel Donor Trees

Stunning wall sculptures for displaying engraved plaques

love tree click for more details
Love Tree

250 leaf & bird plaques

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eternal tree click for more details
Eternal Tree

500 leaf & bird plaques

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Espalier fruit tree click for more details
Espalier Fruit Tree

250 fruit plaques

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giving tree click for more details
Giving Tree

250 leaf & bird plaques

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hope tree click for more details
Hope Tree

230 leaf & bird plaques

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memory tree click for more details
Memory Tree

210 leaf & bird plaques

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windswept tree click for more details
Windswept Tree

230 leaf & bird plaques

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filigree heart click for more details
Filigree Heart

A choice of plaque designs 

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What are Donor Trees & Fundraising Trees?

The Trees

A donor tree is a wall sculpture used for mounting and displaying engraved plaques. These plaques can be used to recognise a donation, or remember a loved one. It is a perpetual and effective fundraising opportunity suitable for any organisation. From crematoria and cemeteries, to hospitals, hospices and schools, all can benefit from the addition of a fundraising tree.

Finch TreeĀ® copper fundraising trees can be used to mark any occasion, from a birth or marriage, to a memorial for a loved one. The plaques can be left on the tree for a set period, before being returned to the donor to make way others. This ensures a constant revenue stream for your organisation.

Designed and made in the UK. We work from original artwork produced by our own artists. Each tree is a work of art in its own right. Top quality materials are used to ensure that a tree lasts a lifetime and without the need for any maintenance. The copper and marine-grade stainless steel used in production, will withstand any amount of weather and is at home both indoors and out.

Engraved Plaques

The plaques are made from high quality metals including brass, copper and stainless steel. Suitable for inside use and outside in all weathers.

Notes on Materials

For environmental reasons we have chosen pure uncoated metals for our plaques, instead of plastics and laminates. These metals will last indefinitely and are infinitely recyclable. Plaques made from copper and brass will darken naturally when exposed to the atmosphere, but can be maintained with a suitable metal polish if required.

Copper donor trees are also uncoated and will patina quickly, particularly outdoors. This process should be allowed to develop naturally and no attempt should be made to restore the tree. The oxide will build up to become a protective layer on the surface and will ensure its long, serviceable and beautiful life.

If the natural patination of copper or brass is of concern, then we would recommend that stainless steel be opted for. The marine-grade steel we use will keep its appearance, even when subjected to rain, or a salt-laden atmosphere.