Produced in the UK by Metallic Garden

Fundraising Trees

Copper Donor Trees & Plaque Display Boards


Fruit Tree more details

(NEW) Fruit Tree

250 fruit plaques

Love Tree more details

Love Tree

250 leaf plaques

Eternal Tree more details

Eternal Tree

500 leaf plaques

Memory Tree more details

Memory Tree

268 leaf plaques

Hope Tree more details

Hope Tree

284 leaf plaques

Giving Tree more details

Giving Tree

300 leaf plaques

Windswept tree more details

Windswept Tree

230 leaf plaques

Filigree heart more details

Filigree Heart

30 bird plaques

Filigree heart more details

Filigree Heart

25 large heart plaques

Filigree heart more details

Filigree Heart

75 small heart plaques

What are Donor Trees & Fundraising Trees?

A donor tree is a highly visible and attractive means of recognising a donation and encourage others. It is a perpetual and very effective fundraising opportunity suitable for any organisation.

Finch Tree copper fundraising trees can be used to mark any occasion, from a birth or marriage, to a memorial for a loved one. The plaques can be left on the tree for a set period, before being returned to make way others.

All products are designed and made in Britain.

We use our own artists to produce original sketches for us to work from.
Each is an original work of art in its own right.
Top quality materials are selected to ensure that each tree lasts as long as possible and without any maintenance.
The copper used will withstand any amount of weather outdoors and will last for a lifetime.

Leaf Plaques

The leaf plaques are made from high quality metals including brass, copper and stainless steel.
Suitable for inside use and outside in all weathers.