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Fundraising Trees

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Filigree Heart

Option 1 Bird plaques | Option 2 Large Hearts | Option 3 Small Hearts

Option No.2 - for 25 Brass Large Heart Plaques 100 x 95mm

copper filgree heart plaque display board

illustrated with 25 large Love Heart Plaques


Filgree copper heart plaque display  board

illustrated without plaques


If you're choosing a fundraising tree, you may want to consider a dedication plaque to go with it.
You click on the images below, or see the full range of options on the PLAQUES PAGE

engraved copper plaque from Metallic Garden

Boulder copper dedication plaque, available in a choice of sizes, which match perfectly with you copper donor tree.

Rectangular engraved copper plaque part of the Finch Tree range by Metallic Garden

Rectangular dedication plaque, made from the same solid copper plate as your tree. Engrave this with any message or dedication you want.

engravable copper plaque from Metallic Garden

A5 wall-hung copper leaflet dispenser. Mounted close to you donor tree it can provide easily accessible information for anyone interested in making a donation.