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Copper Tree Sculptures & Plaques for Fundraising, Commemoration, Donor Recognition, and Remembrance.

Donor Trees are an effective and perpetual way to recognise donor giving. Ideal for all fundraising campaigns and donation recognition schemes.

What are Donor Trees?

Depending on their use, donor trees may also be know as; Fundraising Trees, Contributor Recognition Trees, Memorial trees, Memory Trees or Tree of Life. Our copper donor trees and wall sculptures, encourage donations and help raise funds by acknowledging donors with an engraved plaque, on a stunning and highly visible fundraising tree display.

Love tree fundraising tree with brass curved leaf plaques by Bronwen Glazzard
Birch leaf plaque with engraving
Eternal Tree fundraising tree by Gary Pickles
engravbing a brass plaque
Hope Tree
meadow cranes bill flower plaque


Donor Trees

A range copper donor trees designed by our own artists and made in Britain from high quality materials.

Design service available - PLEASE ENQUIRE



Metal plaques in copper, brass & stainless steel. All individually designed and expertly deep engraved for a high quality finsh.