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Metallic Garden

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Metal garden furniture & ornaments, featuring copper fountains & water features designed and made by sculptor Gary Pickles. Also a range of rusted iron plant supports with a bespoke size service, bronzes and of course, the Finch Tree® range of Donor Trees & plaques.


Graphic Design

Izzie Glazzard

Izzie Glazzard Graphic Designer

A freelance graphic designer; but not limited as such. Izzie enjoys the exploration of different design processes and areas of focus such as; traditional silk-screen printing, sign-writing/mural painting, animation, editorial production and brand development.



Bronwen Glazzard

Bronwen Glazzard Art

As a partner in Metallic Garden, Bronwen has a great deal of artisitic input in the design stage of many products. From her original artwork, we have produced many copper fountains, donor trees and plaques.

An accomplished artist, Bronwen is highly skilled in painting and drawing and has recently turned her attention to printmaking and collage, sometimes combining the two mediums together to create beautiful pieces of art.


Artparks International

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International sculpture park based in The grounds of Sausmarez Manor on the island of Guernsey. The copper fundraising Memory Trees can be seen featured on their site. Purchases of many other fine sculptures can be also be made directly from their website.