Copper Fundraising Trees

Fundraising, Donor Recognition & Commemoration

For Any Occasion

Donation Tree - Fundraising Tree - Birth Tree - Wedding Tree - Love Tree - Tree Sculpture - Memory Tree - Prayer Tree - Wishing Tree - Donor Recognition Tree - Celebration Tree

These trees come with many names, but they all achieve the same goal - effective fundraising.

How They Can Work For You?

In return for a donation, the donor receives a brass leaf. This leaf can be engraved with text, such as the name of a donor, a departed loved one, or used to mark a memorable occasion, such as a birth or a wedding. The brass leaf can then be displayed on the tree for a set period of time, or could remain on the tree permanently.

When displaying the leaves on the tree for a set period of time, say six months to a year for example, at the end of that allocated time period, the donor will receive their leaf to keep as a lasting and touching memento.

You will find that this tree is highly bountiful, enabling you to raise substantial funds/revenue, whilst providing your donors with a meaningful and lasting keepsake in the process.

Below are typical examples of the funds and revenues that can be raised with a fundraising tree. It is of course up to you how much you charge per leaf, but the figures below give you an idea of the great potential our trees provide in terms of return:

Illustrated Potential Revenue

Dependent on tree design, you can accommodate up to 500 leaves. The donation for each leaf is set by you, so you do the maths, but there are examples below of the fundraising potential.

Illustrating the size of the Eternal tree from Metallic Garden, against silhouettes of people

£100 per leaf = £50,000

£200 per leaf = £100,000

£1000 per leaf = £500,000

Many kind donors give much larger amounts to the organisation they support, so you can see the great potential that these fundraising trees hold.

These trees are highly visible and attractive, drawing attention and funds to your cause.

Make a difference today!

Make donation giving pleasurable and achieve a substantial income. Suitable for many types of organisation, including Registry Offices, Wedding Venues, Hospices, Hospitals, Charities and Public Spaces.

For Orders or more information contact Gary or Bronwen – they would be very glad to help.