Bespoke Design Service

Finch Tree offer a bespoke design service and can produce sketches and costings for any project, large or small. We will be happy to work with you on anything from a large fundraising tree, to a single plaque.

Brass Birch leaf plaque

Copper & brass are not the only materials we work with. We can also produce fantastic results from Stainless Steel and Corten steel, both of which are suitable for outdoor use. The Corten Steel takes on a beautiful rusted patina, without any destructive corrosion.

Copper Properties

Not all copper is the same and each grade is suited to different applications. The grade of copper chosen to construct the Memory Trees is suitable for non-electrical purposes such as fasteners, roofing sheet, plumbing tube and other general engineering and constructional applications. This grade of copper has good corrosion resistance and is ideal for use indoors, or out in all weathers.

Brass Properties

Brass also comes in different grades suited to particular applications. The grade used for the memory tree leaves is a specialist brass and often referred to as engraving brass due to its excellent machining qualities. Traditionally used for machine engraved nameplates and signs, it offers a good combination of strength and corrosion resistance. This combination of attributes make it very desirable for many applications, including architectural metal work and decorative items. It is also readily polished to a high sheen and could also be lacquered to preserve this finish.

Fixtures & Fittings

All fixtures and fittings are carefully selected for quality and all of our products are built to resist the harsh outdoor environment.